The Age of Mortals

This age marks the creation of mortals by the gods and is the longest and most eventful age in current history.


  • Dwarves surface and establish trade agreement with surface world creating their only surface city of Hamishal.
  • Group of 17 mages band together during a witch-hunt. After fending off the hunts they occupied the small town of Vearis removing it’s lord from power. The town quickly grew and prospered.
  • Vearis starts enslaving all dwarves in it’s lands. Other humaniods from Suloth are also enslaved. Slaves are used for manual labor medical experiments and discovering how certain magics work on different races.
  • Selavul marches an army into moderen day Alfear then called Fargul (far-gul). After occupying Fargul’s southern half the conflict and it’s armies were swept aside by the event known as The Two that Fell.
  • The Two that Fell
    While it has never been known exactly what caused the events. Two impact sites are known; one creating the Oanobi Dessert, and another creating what is now known as the Crystal Lake. Each of these impact sent out shock-waves and filled the sky with enough dust to blot out the sun for weeks. The shock-waves stretched for hundreds of miles resulting in the loss of many cities and countless lives. As a result of this destruction much lore and history was lost.

A third ball was reported falling from the sky but where it impacted or if it existed is unknown. It is often thought this event was due to the anger of the gods as it was followed by what is known as The Silence.

  • The Silence (Loss of the Gods)
    The Silence or Loss of the Gods is not actually the loss of the gods as it’s name implies but it is when the gods stopped visiting the mortal realms. The gods have maintained their faiths but they have not continued to enter the world and directly influence it. On the rare occasion there have been reports a god directly contacting a mortal but even that is exceedingly rare. Officially there is no known reason why the gods withdrew though many religions state that they became angered with mortals.

The Age of Mortals

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