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Character Creation
Additional Requirements

Welcome to the world of Cretis (cr-E-t-is)
Alfear (Owl-fear) The Slave Breaker States
Aragaust (R-a-gaw-st) The Jewel’s Land
Kalashine (Cal-a-Shine) The Westeren Power
Rearagoth (rear-ra-goth) The Lower Realms
Selavul (C-la-vul); Land of the Wastes
Suloth (Su-O-loth) No Man’s Land
Vearis (vear-i-s); The Mage State

Monsters by Region
Organizations of the World

Owleshei (owl-lesh-E) – LG
Acrathran (a-car-thran) – NG
Salcarith (sol-car-ith) – NG
Radal (ra-dall) – CG
Foretist (for-thiest)- LN
Isavil (is-a-vil) – LN
Elcakist (L-ka-kist) – N
Karrtinca (car-ten-ka)- N
Thathreos (tha-three-ois) – N
Torix Uz’kali (tor-ix)(uz-cal-E) – N
Kazaroth (kaz-A-roth) – CN
Calfathis (cal-fay-th-is) – CN
Oldoris Enkartii (O-doe-ris)(in-cart-I) – LE
Imshael (em-shale) – NE
Abaddon (a-ba-don) – CE

Other Powers

The God Age (GA)
The Age of Creation (Cr) Unknown
The Age of Mortals (Mo) 1200 years
The Age of Recovery (Re) 200 years
The Current Age (Cu5) 32 years and going


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